Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Need A Little More Luck Than A Little Bit

I can remember my friend Noah saying to me regarding his iPhone, "I can launch the fucking space shuttle with this thing."  At the time I didn't have an iPhone myself (just a cheap knock-off touch screen phone) and was wondering if it was worth the investment.  His response to me asking if he thought it was worth the money was enough to convince me that I needed to have one.  It was a long while before I actually purchased one.  In fact, I only purchased one about two months ago. 

I can honestly say that I don't doubt a space shuttle could be launched with an iPhone.  It's fucking amazing.  Totally worth the money I paid for it.  It holds all my music, photos, notes, etc... I had a massive amount of amazing apps for it that did sundry tasks.  Notice I said 'had'.  That's the thing... I have the world's worst luck.  If not for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.

Yesterday whilst at Applebee's having a Perfect Margarita, someone jacked my amazing iPhone right off the table I was sitting at.  One minute it was right in front of me, the next it was gone.  I looked everywhere, the waiter and hostess looked everywhere... I just have to let it go, man, 'cuz it's gone.  I left my mother's phone number with the manager (as my phone is gone) so if some kind soul turned it in, they could contact her so I could get it.  I'm supremely doubtful that will happen.  Whomever took it plans on keeping it, even though all it's good for now is playing music.  I immediately called AT&T and had the phone suspended.  What a clusterfuck.

Yes, part of me is happy that I'll be getting the new iPhone 4 when it comes out.  Well, actually I probably won't get it until the middle of July, as AT&T and Apple are already sold out, and it doesn't even come out until June 24th.  Another part of me is infinitely pissed that I spent the money for this phone that I've wanted for so long only to have it five-finger discounted right from under my nose.  Nothing is sacred, I suppose.

So now I'm back to my cheap knock-off touch screen phone and I LOATHE it.  It pisses me off every time I have to use it.  My iPhone was just so much easier to use.  It's like going from driving a Bentley to driving a Yugo.  The person who jacked my iPhone is definitely in the same category of fuckbucket as the person who stole my Tiki Man and doormat last year.  I hope your bad karma comes back to bite you in the ass, jerkface.  You're in the same group of asshats with ex boyfriends, people who've crashed into my car and Lindsay Lohan.

*Thanks to Faber Drive for today's blog title (Tongue Tied).

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