Friday, May 7, 2010

Truth In Advertising

I was flipping through my second-favorite magazine earlier today, Glamour, when I ran across an ad that struck a chord with me.  I'm the type of person that looks at all the ads because I love stuff.  I like to see what I need to buy... Making mental notes as I peruse the pages.  Anyway, I came upon an advert from the devastatingly iconic Tiffany & Co.  Hello, Audrey.  One of my favorite movies ever (if you don't know what I'm referring to, you should be tarred and feathered).  So the ad has the unmistakable Tiffany blue box, which you should recognize unless you've been living under a rock.

The advert was for Tiffany Keys, which are gorgeous.  I'd love to buy one for myself... Possibly once I get a handle on this whole "back to school" thing, I'll do just that.  It would be lovely to have someone special in my life buy me one... But I'm a single lady now.  If this lady wants it, she'll get it for herself!  The following picture isn't the exact replica of the ad, but it's very similar.

Of course the Tiffany blue and the sparkly baubles were what caught my eye (I'm a chick, after all), but then I read the actual text on the ad:

Tiffany Keys


I read it three or four times, because it just cracked me up.  I had to laugh at it, because it said everything.  Coincidental parallels spring up in the most unassuming places.  I was tempted to tear out the page, but I won't forget it.  It doesn't matter that it was a jewelry ad, much less a Tiff one.  The ad could've been for cigarettes or deodorant; it was those words that resonated.  It's funny how life sometimes just jumps right out and says, "Yep, this is happening to you.  Deal with it."

I understand that the intention of the marketing for the Keys is to be romantic and intriguing... It is.  However, it also happens to be a little dangerous.  There are hidden meanings abounding in those six little lines.  Interesting that I found my truth in advertising.  I suppose it could be worse... It could've been a feminine product ad.  Thank Heaven for not slapping me with that parallel.  This girl has enough cargo without having to untangle the mysteries of tampon marketing and how it relates to my life.

For a girl who doesn't believe in much, I'll believe in Tiffany & Co.

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