Sunday, May 9, 2010

Midnight Philosophy

Tonight was a good night.  There is nothing better than a good talk with someone who knows you really, really well.  I went to dinner with my best friend.  It reinforced the prevailing feeling I've had lately that things are getting better.  Just being able to laugh with her makes my outlook sunnier.  We talked about a lot of different things, some of which we have very divergent opinions on... We've been friends since I moved to Florida in 1997.  We met on my 16th birthday in Spanish class with the evil Sra. Hernandez.  Any meaningful relationship I've had, she's been there for--and vice versa.

Lately her and I both have been going through rough patches in our lives.  Our problems are totally different, but some of our feelings are the same.  We had a good talk about all our woes, etc.  Some of our best conversations happen in the car, sitting outside one of our houses in the wee hours.  Tonight was one such occasion.  We talked about one of the best times in both our lives, a summer in high school when we spent basically every waking moment together that we weren't working.  We made stupid decisions and suffered from a boatload of teen angst.  I would go back to that time in my life in a second, when things were so much easier.  Our whole lives were ahead of us, and the problems we thought we had were few and far between.

We talked about choices that we've each made that in hindsight were pretty damn stupid.  Some were laughable, others cringe-worthy.  We laughed about inside jokes we've had since the beginning... The ''shoeless wonder" and "nothing like a heartache to make you lose weight".  There's been midnight philosophy between us for over a decade now.  Tonight was no exception, and we added another slogan (I supposed you could call it that) to our list:  I got the opposite of a ring; I got the boot!

It doesn't matter what it means, and I'm not about to explain it.  Some things are better left unsaid.  It's just good to know that someone has my back, and will be there for me no matter what.  I started to tell a story and she said, "I love stories about this!"  She knew what I was talking about before I even got the words out of my mouth.  Having someone like that means the world to me.

I don't get to see her very often because she lives in another city and has a demanding job.  I cherish the little time we do get to hang out...  I think I appreciate it so much more than I would if we were able to see each other whenever we felt like.  Tonight showed me that even though things are rough for me right now, I have a lot of good in my life.  It also made me thankful to be back in Melbourne, so we can see each other when she's in town visiting her family.

Tonight I'm very thankful for some good laughs and a dose of midnight philosophy :)

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