Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'll Be the Giver and You'll Be the Taker

I am SO bored.  I've been unemployed since 12/1/09 and am going crazy.   I can honestly say
that I've never, ever, ever felt this way.  Things are pretty rough for me right now.  It's like I keep getting sucker punched with new and cruel ways to fuck with my head and my world.  First it was the job, now my liver problems, and news I wasn't expecting (yet) that messed with my head... Suddenly I'm in over my head and I can hardly breathe.  Just when I think I'm snapping out of it, life keeps taking.  I'm tired of giving.

I'm an awesome girl.  I'm funny as hell (thankyouverymuch) and I have great hair.  I've just been at the trough of this wave for way too long now.  Here's the thing: I'm a hot ass mess.  I've got to get my act together before all my cute shoes are old and worn out.  Louboutins, I'm still waiting for you.

I'm not broken, I'm just bruised and battered.  

Thanks to The Spill Canvas for the blog title tonight (All Hail The Heart Breaker).

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