Monday, February 8, 2010

Why the 'Net is Evil

I love the internet. You can find seemingly endless ways to amuse yourself with a wifi connection. I love having a blog and everyone being able to comment on my thoughts if they so choose. I also like being connected to the outside world without having to actually be in touch with the outside world. There are a great many things about connectivity.

What I seriously dislike is that under normal circumstances (or without a credit card, depending on your outlook), you can get yourself just enough information to hang yourself. You can blog stalk and silently lurk in all kinds of places. You can get yourself a tidbit too much info, and then when you need more to piece the whole story together, you're SOL. Think about it, would you have over 300 Facebook friends if you weren't curious to see how fat people have gotten since high school? Or who's dating who? Nope, not a chance. How many kids does she have, anyway? You wouldn't know if not for the net. But you might not know that while she has 5 kids, they're all from the same daddy, who just happens to not be interested in digital connections.

The reason I say all this is because I hate it when you see something that could be something... Or nothing... And you just don't know how to take it without asking questions that are really none of your damn business. It's hard to remember that there are boundaries. You see that little counter on the side of my page that counts hits on my blog? It also logs IP addresses along with city and state information of each visitor. So if I know only one person in say, Alpharetta, Georgia, then I can pretty much assume that the IP adress in Alpharetta is the person I know checking me out. If I know your exact IP address, even better.

This leads to creative snooping on some people's part. I just hope that for their sake, what they see doesn't upset them.

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