Monday, January 4, 2010

Intestinal Fortitude...?

I like to fancy myself as still being somewhat young. Rounding the bend toward 3-0 still doesn't seem possible to me, and frankly 30 doesn't really seem that old anymore. I definitely still act like I'm younger than my age. By that I mean that I'm immature and stupid sometimes. I learned early on in life (younger than most) how to take care of myself, and I think my brain has retaliated to the over-abundance of responsibility. Nevertheless, I am getting older.

My body reminds me of it just about everyday. For the past nearly two weeks my stomach has been leading a total revolt against the rest of my body. I have no explanation for it, other than I must have contracted some sort of bug somehow. I first thought I may have food poisoning from my beloved Chipotle. On a whim while out running errands, I decided to drop by Chipotle for a burrito bowl. About an hour after eating, I felt weird. There's really no other way to describe how I was feeling, to be honest. I didn't feel under the weather, just not like myself. By midnight that night, I had relived my burrito bowl in all its glory (which isn't much at all on the return trip). I felt no better after getting the offensive material out of me.

I still feel shitty. A younger version of myself, I am almost certain, would have bounced back after puking and been fine the next day. I'm still feeling weird and not myself at all. I realize that as you get older, the stomach of steel you possessed as a child begins to give way to random "my stomach can't deal with that" moments... But for shame, this is ridiculous. The upside: I am losing weight (although not in a fashion I'd like to continue).

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