Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bone In The Throat

In the past, I've posted lists of things that annoy me.  I don't know if it's a side effect of getting older (my birthday is next week, dreadful), or just that I find more things to be pissed about.  Maybe it's a combination of both, like the old man who gets pissed at the kids on his lawn.  Whatever the reason, my list is longer.  Here are a few things that have irked me as of late, in no particular order of course.

  • The excessive use of exclamation points.  In previous posts, I think I have committed this sin.  Henceforth, that will not be happening.  The exclamation point has a time and a place, just like the question mark does.  You wouldn't put a question mark at the end of a statement.  Stop using !!!! like you're in middle school.
  • People who don't read.  Is it because you're stupid?  Really, if you don't read at all, you appear pretty stupid.
  • Not responding to text messages, emails, voice mails or other communication.  I highly doubt that anyone is so busy that they can't shoot off a quick text message.  Are your thumbs broken?  That's possibly the only good excuse.
  • Poor spelling.  In an age where just about every form of communication has a spell check, there is no excuse for blatantly poor spelling.  My iPhone predicts words I could hardly dream of.  
  • Gray hairs, particularly mine.  Other people's gray hairs don't bother me.  I'm not even 29 yet.  There is no need for this kind of hair drama in my life.
  • People who claim to not like animals.  I've encountered this twice in the past couple weeks.  I'm sorry, you cannot be trusted.
  • Anything "fat-free".  What's there instead of the fat?  Chemicals?  I'll take a little fat, thanks.  
  • Online discussion boards for college classes.  I'm not there to discuss shit, I'm there to get my degree.  Talk amongst yourselves, but don't require me to participate.

Just to even things out, here are a few things that really make me happy.

  • Someone cooking for me.  This list may be in no particular order, but that is definitely number one.  This is especially true if it's unexpected.  Even better if the food is good, but honestly that isn't a prerequisite.
  • Concerts.  I saw Dave Matthews Band last month (as referenced in a previous post), I'm seeing John Mayer this coming week and Anberlin in November.  Live music makes me feel alive.  I dunno, call me a dork.
  • Fried chicken.  My ass proves it.
  • Learning.  This whole going-back-to-college thing has really made me feel good about myself.  I'm being productive and I feel like my brain is getting a workout.
  • Pedicures, manicures, hair styling, facials and massages.  I'm a chick.  I love to be pampered.
  • Sleep.  I don't get all that much of it thanks to some serious insomnia, but when I do get it, it's downright blissful.

That's enough for now.  I needed a little rant.  I just thought I'd throw in some good stuff to keep my chi in balance and my zen aligned... Or whatever.

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