Saturday, September 24, 2011

Modern Love

I promised a blog entry regarding the products that I'd sneak onto the desert island (still cringing) if that fate befell me.  Now that I'm in my thirties, I've really started to find myself being loyal to products that work for me.  Then again, some things that worked when I was younger just ain't cutting the mustard anymore.  I have tons of things that I adore, but I thought that I'd limit today's jewels to cosmetics and hygiene products.  Sound like a deal?  Okay, here we go...

Every girl needs a good cleanser.  This comes from my years being brainwashed as an Estee Lauder beauty advisor, however I have to admit that it really is good advice.  An ideal cleanser will remove most make up and all the dirt and oil accumulated on your gorgeous mug throughout the day.  If you wear waterproof makeup, you'll need an actual makeup remover but that's another entry.  My favorite cleanser happens to be a cheapie that you can actually afford!  Remember, I'm a bitch on a budget.  L'oreal Go Clean is the best that I've found.  I have combo skin and this isn't too drying or too harsh.  I have to admit that I do love that little scrubbie thingie, too. 

My Estee Lauder brainwashing told me that I must include a toner but I'll be honest with you, I just don't care for this step.  If that's your thing, go for it.  Some chicks need it.  I'm not in that crowd.  Up next for me is a fabulous moisturizer.  This is SUPER important.  And you can't use the same shit you put on your body.  Your face has delicate skin.  I assume that most of you reading are around the same age as myself... We have to start thinking about fighting off those wrinkles!

Korres Pomegranate Balancing Moisturiser rocks my socks. It's like a gel... But a cream.  It's light enough not to feel like I'm wearing an oily mask, but rich enough to actually give me some moisture.  I dig it.  And for the price, it ain't too bad.

Now it's time for the fun stuff... Makeup!  If you don't like makeup, you're a Communist.  I'm just sayin.  Anyway, before you start spackling yourself up, you need to get rid of those pothole sized pores on your nose and cheeks.

Benefit: The POREfessional is that exact spackle you need.  Yes, for a little tube it has a pretty big price.  But you have to understand...  It fills in the giant crater sized pores that could house small orphaned children.  That's worth the money.  A little dab goes a long way.  And it's translucent, so it's not changing your face to some weird color.  I've even worn it without other makeup over it and it works fab.

I'm a believer in mineral makeup.  It's one of those things that you're either totally for, or you're totally aghast at.  I don't have too many breakouts or scars to cover (just that one bullet hole), so I don't need theatrical coverage.  Bare Minerals Foundation is really the only choice.  Accept no impostors.  Yes, it may look scary all loosey goosey in that little pot... I understand if you're OCD you may have a hard time with it.  It comes with a great brush, called a kabuki, for application.  I've found that a tissue on my bathroom counter alleviates powder fallout.  Go with one of Bare Escentuals "Get Started" kits to begin with.  The coverage is sheer and build-able.  You can thank me later.  Just Tweet me @NoelleSebastian.

It has kind of a dirty name, and I like that about it.  It's also one of the most popular blushes EVER, and for good reason.  NARS Blush in Orgasm (yep, exactly) makes almost any girl look like she just... Well, you know.

There are a million and three eyeshadows out there and I could spend a whole blog talking about the ones I love.  For everyday, I wear something that's not even really considered an eyeshadow at all.  It's also made by Bare Escentuals, and it's an all over face color called Pure Radiance. It gives your eyes a little shimmer and a pick-me-up without being too over the top.  It's all you need at the office with a swipe of eyeliner and some good mascara.  Speaking of which...

Eyeliners piss me off most of the time.  They're either too chalky and don't glide on like they should, or they're so oily that they smudge and you end up looking like Rocky Raccoon by your morning coffee break.  Neither of those situations instills much hope in eyeliner wearers of the world.  Behold, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil.  These pencils are the perfect balance of smooth and long-lasting.  They aren't waterproof, which in my book is a plus because I hate waterproof shit around my eyes.  They come in lots of sparkly, pretty colors, but honestly my favorite is called Zero, and it's the basic black.  Around the holidays, Sephora has gift sets where you can get a bunch of these little babies at once for a killer deal.  And hey, the holidays are just around the corner.  Santa, are you taking notes?

Before we can even talk mascara, we have to talk about the device depicted above.  An eyelash curler is essential, unless you're lucky enough to have perfectly curled and long, lush lashes.  If you are one of those people, poop on you.  Anyway, it's painless and it takes about 5 seconds for each eye.  The difference it makes is pretty remarkable.  I love my Tweezerman curler.

I'm like the Goldilocks of mascaras.  This one is too thick; this one is too thin; the brush on this one is all wrong...  I picked up a gift set of sample sized mascaras from Sephora after Valentine's Day this year, and the winner from that pack was Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes!  It does everything in one tube:  Curls, volumizes, conditions AND lengthens.  What more could you want?  And for me, the formula is just right.

I'm definitely the type of girl who doesn't feel dressed until I have some perfume on.  I like clean scents.  If it has too much musk or it's too flowery, I just can't hang.  I want something that not only I like sniffing at, but men do as well.  So far, Clean Shower Fresh has made a good impression on both genders alike. The Clean perfume line has at least 5 scents, probably more.  I just happen to be diggin on this one right now... But when it runs out I might go for something a little more Autumnal.  Or maybe not.  Woman's prerogative.

Anyway, my only other piece of advice is to get yourself enrolled in the Sephora rewards program and look for kits with stuff you want to try whenever possible.  It makes a big difference.

And is anyone else cringing about the desert island oxymoron?  Still just me?  Geez.

*Today's entry title is from Matt Nathanson's new album, conveniently titled "Modern Love"

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