Monday, July 4, 2011

Mercy, Mercy, Understand... I Need Less Drowning, More Land...

Hypocrisy is a funny thing.  I said a lot about quitting Facebook, most of it I'll still stand behind.  That doesn't make me any less of a hypocrite for rejoining the social network again.  I missed keeping in touch with friends that I'd normally not have contact with.  I'll admit that it's a convenient way to keep track of people.  What a double edged sword that is, though.  I love my friends, but those on the fringes had to be eliminated.  Part of the reason I quit Facebook in the first place is because it was propogating rumors and lies, the likes of which I hadn't seen since junior high.  I stand behind my decision to drop out of that for a while.  I've trimmed down my "friends" list considerably this time around.  We'll see how long I last this time.

The Lord has blessed me with a new job.  I am so unbelievably thankful.  I stumbled upon it almost by accident, and I can't believe how right this place is for me.  The people I work with are great.  The working environment is awesome.  I now believe even more in the power of prayer because of this job.  I prayed long and hard for this and I was blessed in return for my patience.  That's all I'm going to say about the job... I'm doubtful it will make a reappearance in any entries here.

I'm not sure that I have much more to say about things right now.  I'm just taking one day at a time.  I've found more land, less drowning.  Pretty good feeling.

Today's post title is from "Mercy" by Matt Nathanson.  The new album, "Modern Love" was totally worth the wait!

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